Code Enigma Rebrands Support And Hosting

Freshbridge is being put to bed as Code Enigma's support and hosting products are brought back under the Code Enigma name

Photo of Greg Harvey
Wed, 2013-05-29 10:09By greg

When we first came up with the idea of using the Freshbridge name for our hosting arm, we had some good reasons. We wanted to distance support and hosting from Code Enigma a little, create clear separation between a development shop and the support services. It felt like a natural break.

Because our PHP stack can be used for far more than just Drupal, we believed tying it closely to a Drupal-specialist company might understate this potential. We realised subsequently this approach wasn't quite right. The dual branding of things caused confusion at events, the Freshbridge brand struggled to gain traction in a crowded market of PHP hosting and we'd removed our primary 'USP'... being Drupal experts!

For this reason we have decided to park the Freshbridge brand. It was just a name, most of our support and hosting clients were more familiar with Code Enigma anyway and nothing else changes. The decision will not impact existing clients. Contracts were always with Code Enigma. But from now on we can send a coherent message: We are Drupal experts, first and foremost, and we can bring that expertise to any part of your project, from conception to post-delivery support and hosting services, all under the same umbrella.

So, from everyone at Freshbridge... so long and thanks for all the fish. You'll find us at Code Enigma.