Code Enigma And #AberdeenCloud Join Forces

Full Drupal PaaS offering plus meaningful application support is finally available to everyone

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Tue, 2013-05-28 12:48By greg

UPDATE: This is an old blog, we are no longer #AberdeenCloud partners, though we will partner with 3rd party platform providers in order to provide more robust backup and security.

We're delighted to announce our collaboration with #AberdeenCloud. Anyone in the Drupal community who attends any events has probably met Aaron from #AberdeenCloud at least once and already knows all about what they do! For those of you who don't, they provide specialist Drupal cloud hosting on a scaleable and robust PaaS product at a very competitive price point. Which is kinda handy, because we do Drupal specialist support. So between us, we can basically offer a very competitive full-service Drupal support and hosting package, capable of servicing anyone from tiny start-up through to enterprise engagements.

That is precisely what we're doing. If you're interested in hosting Drupal in the cloud, PaaS hosted Drupal solutions for anyone, from SME to enterprise, and you need cost-effective and real support plans, contact us using the form below to find out more.