CCK Gallery Is Usable

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Thu, 2009-02-05 16:41By greg

Or at least, I think it is. My new module. I managed to release a dev snapshot last night which answers some of the bigger issues with it. There are already new features backing up to be implemented (and at least one already done) but, for now, CCK Gallery is hot to trot! =)

I've even created some half-decent documentation, in the form of an FAQ on the project page. Quick summary:

This module is GLUE. It is templates and dependencies and a few hooks, pulling together a bunch of stuff available already in the contrib repository for Drupal. Yes, you could do it yourself, if you're an experienced Drupal user with a day or two at your disposal, but the idea of this module is n00bs can just get on with it and experienced folk can use it as a jumping off point for a CCK gallery of their own design.

It works by node and user reference to create gallery and image lists on a by-user basis. Lists are all generated by the magnificent Views module. There are assorted admin options allowing you to stray from the default content types and views installed by the module. Hopefully this is flexible enough to be a real time-saver for experts and a life-saver for the rest.

Test it, please! Make suggestions! Report bugs! We love it...