And We're Back, You Can Be Too

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Tue, 2009-05-26 16:36By greg

So comments are back up and running. I still need to migrate all the old Node Comments to core Drupal comments, but at least it is now a properly moderated mechanism so it should get rid of the spam. The rest can happen when it happens.

Also some other major changes. You may have noticed the right-hand menu has changed, as has some of the peripheral text. Well that's just fluff, but I've added user profile support, opened Twitter integration up to regular users and done a few other bits and pieces in readiness for letting other authors loose on the system.

The intention is to make Drupaler an open resource for Drupal developers to share knowledge in.

Why? The problem with and the proper Drupal Groups is there is too much noise. There's some great content on, which I would never seek to duplicate, but rather highlight and expand upon. What I would like to see is a trusted supplement to the official resources, an archive of summaries of and useful sign-posts to valuable information, compiled by people who know what they're doing. (And me.)

I will never encourage bloggers to post information that should be on I lead by example. If I discover a problem, I raise an issue on but I *flag* the issue here (if it's important enough or affects enough people). Similarly, if I feel a HOWTO needs to be written, I write it on and announce it, together with a link, here.

As such, I hope this blog is, and will continue to be, a valuable supplement to the usual Drupal channels. Not just more Drupal noise.

If you would like to be an author, use the "Get in touch" link and send me an email. Look forward to it. =)