Mosaic on various devices and view ports

Site Design

Elegant, responsive designs which don't slow Drupal down

Good design is a process that needs to begin early in the development of a web project, as it addresses not only how things look but also how they work.

Our designers work closely with the rest of our team to ensure the design and the code dovetail smoothly to achieve the business value that has been identified in the consultancy phase. They normally produce html prototypes so that we can rapidly produce models for testing user experience, responsiveness across devices, and standards-compliance.

The fact that our designers work closely with the developer team is a major advantage as we can save you both time and money by identifying and resolving any potential clashes between design and implentation in Drupal.

When implementing design for Drupal we pay close attention to responsive design principles, ensuring that projects work on a wide range of devices. This approach also helps with accessibility

Responsive Design by Code Enigma for London Enterprise Panel LEP
The Mosaic Science website - responsive design by Code Enigma shown on multiple devices and view ports
10 Minutes With - responsive design by Code Enigma