Rackspace office, London.

Fanatical Partnership

When Code Enigma signed up to be Rackspace Gold Strategic Partners, we meant it. We're not just their customer, they're our customer too!

Update: we no longer use Rackspace for private cloud services, although we still procure their public cloud services, and we are still their UK website development partner.


When Rackspace take on partners it's more than just a name on a web page. They promote your services, they actively seek to introduce you to other Rackspace partners and customers, they want their partner ecosystem to grow and flourish. And what better way to demonstrate you have Rackspace's seal of approval than by working with them?

Rackspace have used Drupal for their websites for quite some time. In early 2015 they approached Code Enigma, as a strategic partner and a Drupal expert, to help them manage their UK website. The Rackspace team had real marketing and product ownership expertise, but little UK-based Drupal knowledge, so they needed help with implementing their ideas.

Code Enigma provided, and indeed continues to provide, time and materials development assistance to the Rackspace team, bringing in experts as and when they need assistance with their websites. And while we started working on the UK website, the relationship is now global, as we have just started working on the main Rackspace global platform in the USA, where we'll be involved in all kinds of interesting developments and new features.

We're delighted to be working with our hosting infrastructure providers so closely, and it's great this client customer relationship is a two-way street.