Employer dating for Chinese students had an existing Drupal 6 website, but they needed assistance making the leap to Drupal 7 and a fully responsive, mobile-first website.

We started working with in early 2014, when they needed some help working out how they'd migrate to Drupal 6 and achieve an extensive re-design and lots of new functionality on a pretty aggressive deadline. They had an internal team who knew Drupal 6 really well, but they'd never really worked with Drupal 7 yet. And there was another complication. The site was to be multi-lingual, English and Chinese.

The function of the 10MinutesWith site is to bring together university graduates and potential employers. Students enrolled at member institutions can view employer videos and job opportunities. They can also network with other students. The employers can post videos about what they do, and also what’s involved in particular jobs, such as procurement or HR management. The theory is that students can learn about potential career paths while companies can identify potential recruits.

Delivering a complex project like these within three months was a major challenge, not least because our lead developer had to lead a mixed team of 10MinutesWith and Code Enigma developers. In other words, the lead had to design a solution, mentor in-house developers in how to build it, and ensure that work still got done on a very tight time-scale.

Although the client had commissioned designs from another company, we insisted on building a full HTML prototype so that we could be sure the site worked perfectly on all devices and screen sizes. This was a major feat as there are almost twenty different templates in the site. However, our design team managed to generate the necessary markup and the developers learned how to remove Drupal markup before replacing it with the necessary custom markup. The site works beautifully on smartphone and tablet - essential for a young audience expecting to access content on the move.

The new website launched on time, at the beginning of April 2014. We aren’t privy to information on business performance, but we have continued to provide the client with advice and support for site hosting. In fact, we still manage all their servers and also run the Jenkins automated deployment tools their team rely on for smooth code deployment.