Busk in London

The Greater London Authority commissioned us to create a new website for promoting busking in London is one of a number of sites we have built for the Greater London Authority. The purpose of the site is to encourage busking by providing information both about buskers and for the buskers themselves. The information includes locations, busker profiles, and advice about busking legally and responsibly. Venues are shown on a map created with Mapbox and Leaflet.js, which we prefer to Google Maps where we need more visual control over the map.

In addition to general busking information, the site also support the annual Gigs competition. This is a competition for young buskers with the GLA in partnership with Transport for London providing a number of competition venues and event organisers. It gives young performers the chance to viewed by thousands of people, and to be voted on by a panel of industry experts and the public.

Technically the main challenges were coming up with design, information architecture and complex forms very quickly in order to meet the Gigs 2015 deadline. Looking to the future the site owners hope to explore micro-payments to make it possible to generate income online for performers.

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