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Dioni's pug

Dioni is part of our web development team and currently Dev Lead of the STEM team.

His day-to-day involves:

  • Making specifications according to new features

  • Planning solutions according to new features when the client is unsure

  • Continuous feedback with the client for those tasks which need refinements (or they have doubts)

  • Estimating new tasks

  • Helping the team when they have problems

  • Maintaining communication with third parties involved in the project

  • Preparing releases

  • Applying hotfixes if necessary

  • Being a bridge between the team and other members of Code Enigma

Three interesting things about Dioni

  • I love new challenges; especially ones that seem impossible

  • I have unlimited patience. No worries about the number, if you don't understand something, message me and I will repeat it as much as you need!

  • I'm always positive. There is no bug that cannot be solved, it only needs time.

How did you start a career in tech?

With a degree in Computer Science, I started my career working for the University, making some internal projects with CodeIgniter and Yii Framework. In my free time, investigated new technologies and it was when I fell in love with Drupal circa 2010.

Since then, I have been working for some Spanish companies working with Drupal. I worked on some amazing projects like Oxfam Intermon and MSF. My first touch with Code Enigma was as a freelancer.

I officially became part of the Code Enigma family in April 2017.

What inspires Dioni in his professional life?

My inspiration comes from the people I have around. CE gave me the opportunity of working with a multidisciplinary team, who I can learn from and share my knowledge daily.

Although everybody is working remotely, all my colleagues are there connected to assist me. I have the feeling that I am not alone at home!

What do you like most about working for Code Enigma?

  • We work 100% remotely, something really difficult for other countries (like Spain)

  • Each member of the team has years of experience, which is really good.

  • We have colleagues from different countries, which means I can learn about other cultures and grow as a person.

  • CE works with big clients and projects. I have the opportunity of gaining a lot of experience as a dev

  • We are a big family more than a team

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