You're thinking about picking us to host your website or web application, but you need a little more information before you take the plunge.

Let's go over some of the benefits of letting us host for you:

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It's Cost Effective

AWS is a world class, enterprise cloud solution with an array of services at a relatively low cost, with exceptional resilience and scalability.

Hosted solutions come with minimal infrastructure demands on your side, so that's less expenditure for you at the outset. Plus, you don't need to stress over the financial burden of switching or committing to a new way of working.

You're not committed to extremely expensive equipment that you're obliged to use (and maintain) because you've paid for it. With us, you have the freedom to cherry pick and change your mind.

Cost savings don't end here. Hosting your website with us also means you don't have to pay for fixes or worry about equipment downtime and routine maintenance that often comes with managing all your tech in-house.

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It's reliable

If your site goes down, you might lose a chunk of web traffic, which could mean lost revenue. With professional us, you get round the clock technical support by experts who'll resolve your issues quickly and make sure you get maximum uptime. AWS is the best in the industry and guarantee a fast and safe home for your website.

It's highly scalable

We can monitor and adjust compute resources to maintain performance for applications hosted in the AWS public cloud, providing you with a dynamic solution that maintains your applications availability, so you're only ever paying for what you use and need.

It's not your headache

If you don't have the time, resource, expertise, or even necessarily want to manage day-to-day IT maintenance, troubleshooting and comms support… We'll do it for you, it's our job. Even small technical glitches can shut down your site for a long period due to lack of proper support to fix the issue.

You'll have a dedicated team of specialists ensuring everything's peachy, which gives your own IT team time to focus on bigger, strategic things.

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You're sitting in the Director's chair

Nothing about letting us host means letting go of control; you're simply avoiding making a rod for your own back.

Safe as houses

With your own equipment, back ups are arduous. It could mean manual backups and downtime. It could involve servers or multiple hard drives that are vulnerable to disasters and accidents like fires, natural disasters or hardware crashes. Our systems incorporate regular, automatic backups with exceptional data recovery. These are stored in various safe locations with straightforward restoring options that guarantee uninterrupted access, should terrible things ever happen.

You can enjoy stronger security privileges with the help of our advanced tools: virus scanning, security audits, spam filtering and updates (and we can protect your server from external attacks).

And the cherry on the cake? We're ISO27001 and 9001 certified.

Choosing to host with us could play a huge role in the growth of your company.

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Written by

Maygen Jacques

Marketing Manager