Site Design

Code Enigma is a thought leader when it comes to optimising responsive design in Drupal. Examples of this position are the presentations held on different events by our Head of Design Matt Fielding and lead developer James Panton on an innovative way of Drupal Theming.

Good design is a process that needs to begin early in the development of a web project, as it addresses not only how things look but also how they work.

Enabling others, it's the future of our business

When we talk about Drupal support and hosting, we mean so much more than ticket hopping and resetting servers. We caught up with a Code Enigma developer in Vienna, on the eve of delivering some important training to the UN, to find out more. Read on to discover how real, human connections lead to a meaningful support and hosting experience for our customers.

Q: So, thanks for agreeing to be ambushed. Again! [Full disclosure, Salva stepped up to do this training at the last minute when our head of systems couldn’t make it.] How does it feel to be here in Vienna?

What is a security incident?

A brief explanation as to what constitutes a security incident.

Code Enigma have an integrated Information Security Management System (ISMS) as part of our goal of achieving ISO 27001:2013 accreditation from BSI Group.

How do I view logs on the server?

A brief explanation as to how to view the logs on your server.

Now and again you will want to check your server logs to see why you're getting a particular error message.

How do I create a useful support ticket?

If you have a Drupal support contract with Code Enigma, be it the developer, starter or business plans, you can ask us any question about Drupal through our secure ticketing system, Redmine, or via your dedicated support dashboard. The problem could be anything Drupal related (a custom block isn’t displaying, your site’s search feature has stopped working, you need help adding a user, etc).

Creating an Appropriate Ticket

Better UX in your forms, the easy way

Entity References are cool. Prepopulating them is even cooler. You've seen it already, but if you are not working with Field API, you're on your own... until now, at least.

If you've ever used Organic Groups, chances are that you have come across the Entity Reference Prepopulate module.

Webvisions Barcelona 2014

When a major industry event visits your hometown, that’s all you need to change the usual “I should go” to “I will go”. That’s exactly what happened to me with Webvisions Barcelona being held this week. Here's my take on the first day, dedicated to workshops.

When a major industry event visits your hometown, that’s all you need to change the usual “I should go” to “I will go”. That’s exactly what happened to me with Webvisions Barcelona being held this week.

Drupal 6 Performance Testing

Drupal performance testing: A scenario where memcache can actually impair performance

We were recently asked to investigate poor performance on a Drupal 6 site. Memcache was enabled, but a siege test was still showing poor results.

Using mdbtools on *nix to convert Microsoft Access to MySQL

One recent migration was from an unsupported application built upon SQL Server 2000. Policy meant that I couldn't even try connecting to it directly. I was given a flat file export, but found I couldn't install an old enough version of SQL Server to import it. mdbtools to the rescue!

One of the hardest parts of any migration to Drupal is getting hold of the data in the first place. And once you do get hold of it, there’s every chance that it might not be a format that’s easy for you to work with.

How do I create a Solr core on my server?

A detailed explanation of how to create a Solr core (versions 3.x and 4.x).

At some point you may want to set up a Solr core for the search feature on your site. Now you can ask us to do that, which will be done on your support time, or you can follow this simple guide to create your own Solr cores.

A responsive site should not be your 2014 main goal!

Don't fool yourself, making your site responsive is not a content strategy

Over the last twelve months, we’ve routinely received client requests asking how much it would cost to make their existing Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site responsive. These projects mostly consist of optimizing an existing site for users accessing the content through tablet or smartphone.

PaaS and Support: The best of both worlds

Code Enigma senior developer, James Panton, caught up with Aaron Porter from #AberdeenCloud at Drupal Dev Days 2014 in Szeged, to talk about life, the cloud and everything

Original image by Tamás Szügyi

The IDE Of Dreams

Our technical director explains why Code Enigma is making the switch to Dreamweaver and what that means for our workflow

Developers are always arguing over which IDE is the best. Is it Sublime Text 2, Netbeans, PHP Storm, Vim, Eclipse - no, everyone hates Eclipse, except for me, it seems - but you know what I mean. Well, at Code Enigma we're sick of IDE autocracy and the religious wars of words that come with it.

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part II - The Mitigations

As promised, here’s a follow up to my previous blog on problems we’ve encountered using Agile-scrum methods when working as a distributed agency delivering client projects. In this instalment I’ll take a look at some of the modifications we’ve made to standard Scrum, to address those problems.

Audit for Agile

My site's performance is poor. What can I do to improve it?

This FAQ provides a few simple methods that can be used to help improve the overall performance of your site.

There are a number of things that you can do yourself to improve your site's overall performance without having to dig into your pockets for a performance review. The two suggestions in this article are simple and do not require much work.

Do you backup my site's database(s)?

A quick and simple explanation of our backup policy.

Yes, a database backup is taken each day and stored in /opt/dbbackups. To access this directory, you will need root access. We use a bulk database backup script, which backs up all of your databases separately and saves them in the directory mentioned above.

Post-agile Project Delivery, Part I - The Problems

Having run an Agile-Scrum project management method for almost 3 years, Steve Cowie reflects on the challenges of pure agile project management as an agency and the difficulties of engaging with clients for whom it simply is not a good fit

Last month I delivered a talk on this subject at a Drupal Camp and that’s available online and embedded at the bottom of this post, as are the slides from the talk.

Open Source v Proprietary CMS systems

Yesterday we came across a helpful infographic on choosing between Open Source and commercial content management systems. In the spirit of Open Source collaboration we thought we'd return the favour.

The team at Non-linear creations put together an infographic comparing open source to "commercial" solutions.

Vim - I Wish I Knew How To :q You

Chris Maiden extolling the virtues of vim for the good people of DrupalCamp North West 2013

Code Enigma sponsored and talked at DrupalCamp North West again this year. Here is the talk everyone was waiting for! You can throw away all your other SDKs, vim now makes total sense:

Teaching fishing

Most people will be familiar with the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. In the World of web development this equates to helping organisations to build their own web projects rather than doing it for them.

Looking back over the last year's work, we've noticed that we're increasingly working on projects where we're supporting internal teams.