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Welcome to Code Enigma, European Drupal experts with a full service offering. We’re one of the most experienced Drupal teams in Europe, best known for our work on large, technically complex projects for all kinds of clients, as well as our reliable, secure and fast Drupal hosting and support services. Our team is passionate about Drupal and open source software. We’re also strongly committed to putting design first, taking a mobile-first, content-out approach to creating websites. This ensures that the sites we build combine the power of Drupal with best practice design and development.

Operating since 2010, and with an expert team spread around the world, we offer a full project lifecycle of services, from initial consultancy through to responsive design, Drupal website development,

Poodle and you

Code Enigma's take on the Poodle vulnerability in SSL.

So the anticipated Poodle vulnerability broke today. But what's it all about?

Drupal Europe, wake up!

So, I’m not going to pretend this blog post was not written with the idea of provoking a bit of a discussion. It was. As a Content Strategy specialist working for a full service Drupal agency, I was more than disappointed to see the disconnect between the European Drupal Community and Content Strategy at DrupalCon 2014.

I’m just back from my first DrupalCon in Amsterdam. Two years working in the Drupal world, and after a couple of DrupalCamps, I finally made it to the big event. On the whole, a great experience. But to be honest, there was one thing that … (looking for the right words) … irritated me deeply.

How do I create a security incident?

A brief guide on how to create a security incident.

To create a security incident, simply create a ticket in the usual way, with the details of your security incident, via your support dashboard.

Why Should you invest in Content Strategy?

Content is used in a number of fields within an organisation. Sales, Marketing, PR, Customer Service, Accounting, Legal... Each of these will use content to its own needs. An overall Content Strategy can help all these stakeholders to work along each other, rather than against each other. But there are plenty of other reasons to invest in it.

In the 4 years of Code Enigma’s existence, clients have traditionally turned to us for our technical expertise in designing, building, developing, hosting and maintaining Drupal websites. 

Proud sponsors of DrupalCon Amsterdam

A huge thank you (as ever) to the fantastic local and Drupal Association teams who have made this year’s DrupalCon Europe another roaring success.

A huge thank you (as ever) to the fantastic local and Drupal Association teams who have made this year’s DrupalCon Europe another roaring success. The whole Code Enigma team had a great time.

The Conference Survival Guide (Practical Edition)

Conferences can be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to meeting lots of people! What you need is the Conference Survival Guide (Practical Edition).

I am pretty sure there's a tech conference happening every week these days: I had a great time at Symfony Live London last week, most of the Code Enigma team are at Drupalcon Amsterdam this week and I

Ask us anything

We're proud of our Drupal support - call us any time, ask us anything!

Our support plans are designed to help even the inexperienced manager to take control of their website and really leverage the power of Drupal.

Welcome to Code Enigma

Code Enigma is a full-service web development company that provides consultancy, design, development, hosting and support services. We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards using Open Source software backed by ISO certification for quality and security.

We're delighted to be here sponsoring a DrupalCon for the first time. And with a brand new website from Andy Clarke's excellent design firm, Stuff & Nonsense.

Drupal Support

We support organisations all over the world and help them keep their Drupal websites running smoothly

Of course, we have everything you'd expect a company offering Drupal support to have.

Code Enigma in the Community

We are open source software people, so community is really important to us

This is a first pass at our community section. The community means a lot to us, we spend a lot of time in it, we sponsor events, code sprints, we contribute time and code, we volunteer at conferences, we speak whenever we can.

We build sites in Drupal

Code Enigma specialises in building fully-featured, mobile-responsive websites using Drupal.

Based in the heart of London, but with a distributed team of Drupal experts throughout Europe, Code Enigma builds web sites and applications for a range of clients, with sectors including media, charities and government agencies.

A series of 'firsts' for Oxford

Oxford City Council have built a new Intranet in Drupal, mentored by the team at Code Enigma. Taking the approach of coaching an in-house team rather than leading on the development ourselves proves to be a great way of achieving a great deal on a limited budget. It also means that the Council has the in-house capacity to continue development once we're gone.

Before getting into his experience it's worth setting the context because this project is not a standard agency site build. Oxford issued an RFP for a Drupal-based intranet following a report produced by Socitm that recommended a Drupal-Sharepoint solution.


See who trusts Code Enigma to deliver their Drupal services

The Drupal Impact

Redactive describes itself as the leading provider of magazines, digital media and live events for membership and professional services organisations. In 2013 it decided to start moving its websites across to Drupal. As Redactive has an in-house digital team, it wanted to develop in-house capacity to make this move so Code Enigma worked with their team over several months providing mentoring and backup technical support.

We interviewed their head of digital – Aaron Davies - to find out how the process had worked and whether Drupal had fulfilled their expectations.

Meet the Team

Meet the team

We have a team of sixteen, primarily based in the UK, but also in France, Spain, Australia and Argentina. As a distributed company with staff in several countries, it is our policy that all staff should be salaried employees paying tax in the relevant country. In o

Open Source Science

The Wellcome Trust launched Mosaic, their new online science magazine, in Drupal this year. Mosaic publishes long-form popular science articles and makes almost all of these available under a creative commons licence. Code Enigma built the site and also trained their team in Drupal. The site is an outstanding example of how mobile-first responsive markup can be achieved in Drupal. Wellcome Trust has gone on to transition three more sites to Drupal, using it as their standard platform for the web.

Female condoms, faecal transplants, clinical depression – just some of the stories that has covered since it launched in March this year.

What is your Public Cloud product?

This FAQ explains our public cloud offering and how it differs from the Private Cloud.

We resell and manage public cloud virtual machines from Rackspace, our hosting and infrastructure partner. Essentially, we provide all the services you need on top of a virtual machine, plus the expert Drupal knowledge in our team ensures your server is optimised for Drupal.

What is your Private Cloud?

A description of the Code Enigma Private Cloud service and what it means to you.

The public cloud is made up of physical servers, divided up invisibly by the companies who operate public cloud services. Essentially, when you buy a virtual machine, or a "slice", or whatever they choose to call it, from a public cloud company you get a piece of shared resource.

Drupal Hosting

Code Enigma provide Enterprise-grade Drupal hosting for all manner of different projects.

Your friends say a lot about you. We are happy to be supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning we are backed by one of the market leaders in global Enterprise datacenters and services.