The WordPress Stack

The software we use to provide blistering fast performance for WordPress from our LAMP-replacement stack.

L is for Linux And we use Debian Linux, our preferred distro. We like it because it’s a tight community and it’s very security conscious, like us.

WordPress Hosting

Find out about Code Enigma's hosting and support products for WordPress developers.

Do you like the appeal of software-as-a-service for your WordPress hosting, but like the idea of having your own servers too? Do you want to offer your customers professional standalone Linux hosting, but can’t spare the time to manage it?

Google Analytics Custom Events

Many Drupal sites use Google Analytics to capture statistics on page views, but often, that's as far as it goes. That's fine if the only events that you're interested in are page loads, but what about all the other user interactions that happen on pages? With a bit of extra work, we can capture statistics on those too using the custom events feature built into the Analytics API.

Many site owners use Google Analytics to capture user statistics. Usually people look at page views, number of pages visited, bounce and exit rates. Google also tells you the time users spent on a page, but what about all the other user interactions that happen on single pages?

Content Strategy Resource Centre

Here you find a collection of tips & tools that can help you in your day to day content strategy tasks. We are using these, so sure give them a try.

On this page we will gather articles related to Content Strategy. We aim to provide resources to people who want to better understand the discipline of content strategy as a framework, but also provide practical guides on performing certain content tasks. 

Meaningful commit messages

At Code Enigma, most of our Jenkins builds post a git log into one of our IRC channels on completion. This helps the ops team to keep an eye on what's going on and to quickly spot any build failures. It also gives us a chance to see the commit messages that people are posting.

Our own developers are pretty well behaved when it comes to making meaningful commit messages (they know they’ll be teased mercilessly if they do anything daft!), but for some hosting-only clients, we have seen some classic examples of meaningless commit messages.

Rethinking the company website

We'd been thinking for ages that we needed to completely change our company website. The whole team felt we had a site that failed to represent either what we do or who we are. After some false starts when we tried to do this in-house we decided to get help from an external design agency and turned to Andy Clarke at Stuff And Nonsense. In addition to a radical design overhaul, we also wanted to rethink how to author content within a content management system so that we would actually want to create new articles rather than thinking of it as a chore. In this article we explain the process from various perspectives: design, content-strategy, back-end and front-end development.

When we decided to update our company website, we wanted a site that shows our customers what we can do. With the help of Andy Clarke and the team at Stuff and Nonsense, we truly believe we've managed it.

Git Hooks for happy Drupal developers - (post-merge)

A practical use of the post-merge git hook for distributed teams.

Granted, you don't need to be trendiest person in software to know about tools like Grunt, or Gulp (but in case you don't, they're really useful task automation tools to aid with common development tasks).

Twitter Pane

Almost certainly, a time will come when a client asks for a list of Tweets to be displayed on their Drupal site.

There are a plethora of modules out there that can help provide this functionality. For example:

Drupal Managed Servers

Learn more about Code Enigma's flexible public and private cloud environments and our highly secure Drupal hosting solutions for Enterprise.

We team our highly tuned Linux stack for Drupal with the Rackspace public cloud, which provides a range of tiers and prices to suit a range of applications.

Resell Drupal Hosting and Support

Code Enigma offers Drupal white-label and reseller opportunities for organisations who want to retain their customers as their customers.

Reselling and partnership deals with hosting companies and support providers are nothing new, but all too often those partnerships are a meaningless logo swap. We've decided to do something a little different. It's a straight revenue share model on referred business.

Terms of Service

Code Enigma general terms of service for hosting customers.

IMPORTANT These terms not valid for contracts issued after 25th May 2018. Please review the Terms of Service here.

Drupal Developer Tools

Code Enigma tools for Drupal developers - learn more about how we can help you achieve great things with Drupal.

We know what it's like to have a development platform at your back. We've used all the main ones, we still do sometimes when providing support for Drupal support customers who are using hosting services other than our own.

Flexible approaches to hosting and supporting Drupal

These three case studies demonstrate Code Enigma's flexible approach to supporting and hosting Drupal applications, for a diverse range of organisations. What they all have in common is the need for high-performance, secure hosting, but they all have different hosting environments and needs.

Drupal is a fantastically flexible product, one of its biggest strengths is its malleability, but the upshot of that is no two Drupal applications are quite the same.

Design-led Drupal

Drupal is renowned as an easily extensible content management system that makes it possible to build fully-featured applications simply by bolting together a set of free modules. While that's true, it can lead to sites that have lots of functionality but also provide a mediocre user experience in terms of layout and user interactions. At Code Enigma we take user experience seriously and work hard to get complete control over the user interface. This case study gives three examples of how we go about that.

Whether you're selling products, publishing scientific articles, or facilitating social networking, you have to put design first.

Drupal Training and Mentoring

Code Enigma delivers Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 training to individuals and teams of all backgrounds and skill levels. We specialise in creating custom courses to meet your specific business needs. Our courses are delivered by trainers who are also very experienced developers so they know how to address real-world problems.

In-house Drupal Courses Whether you want a Drupal introduction, a refresher course or a deep dive into a specific topic, our Training Team can put together a tailored course for you, to be delivered on-site at your convenience.

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