Competitions for ITV

We created a management interface for embedding competitions in pages for ITV, the UK's largest independent television company.

In 2007, after a series of scandals regarding phone ins, the government brought in legislation over night a part of which said that if you ran a phone competition that was announced on television then you had to have a free online option.

Employer dating for Chinese students is a website for students and potential employers to meet each other on, with a particular focus on the Chinese market. Find out how Code Enigma helped them build their product.

We started working with in early 2014, when they needed some help working out how they'd migrate to Drupal 6 and achieve an extensive re-design and lots of new functionality on a pretty aggressive deadline.

The European Commission

Code Enigma has been providing specialist training to the European Commission for some years now, covering a mix of open source technologies.

This is something the European Commission were very happy to discover about Code Enigma. Although we are predominantly a web development company, specialising in supporting Drupal, we have more hats than that.

Business Intelligence for Economist Group

The Economist are one of the World's more famous Drupal users. Code Enigma helps their Business Intelligence division maintain a modern online presence.

If you want to talk about developing longstanding relationships, they don't come much longer than our history with Economist Group. Our director, Greg Harvey, began working with them back in 2010. When Code Enigma was formed they came along for the ride and they never got off.

Le Figaro Bourse

Code Enigma provide resource and ongoing support for Le Figaro's financial portal.

We were commissioned in October 2011 to build the Le Figaro Bourse website, which was Le Figaro's second major Drupal project.  In essence the site is Le Figaro’s online stock market presence.

Testing Frameworks - an Exploration

A quick guide to setting up a headless unit testing framework incorporating Behat, Mink and Selenium.

Many months ago, a discussion between my colleague Chris Maiden and I sparked off an idea that we developed into an automated testing framework, which is capable of taking any assertions from user stories, and running them either as unit tests against code, or as functional tests against a staged

What are web conversions?

When reading about making sites successful, one of the concepts that is always mentioned is conversion rate. But what does that stand for? What are conversions, and do they only apply to commercial websites?

Starting with the basics, what’s a conversion? 

Content Audits: Where to start?

Anyone who ever conducted a content audit knows they're time consuming and boring. And while there is no magical quick solution, in this article we will try to help identify how to conduct these in a methodical way.

The problem with content audits is twofold: volume & criteria

Is my site performing well?

In this post we explain basic Google Analytics metrics of website success. These will allow you to measure if your site is performing well in the light of the objectives of the site.

In this post, we will try to answer the simple question: how can I see if my site is doing well? We’re looking at this question from a usage perspective.

Content Strategy Services

Find out more about the range of services and products Code Enigma offer in our Content Services division.

Content strategy affects many different areas in an organisation. Some clients are convinced the time is right to implement content strategy organisation wide, while others prefer to start implementing the principles task by task.  

The Principles of Content Strategy

If your job description mentions digital content, you’re likely to have been hearing about Content Strategy for a couple of years now. If digital content is on your everyday task list, knowing the principles of content strategy will help you become more effective at your job.

If your job description mentions digital content, you’re likely to have been hearing about Content Strategy for a couple of years now.

Content Consultancy

Through our Content Strategy consultancy services we help our clients to shift the focus from “what are the great things we can do with our site?” to “what should the site do to help us achieve our company/project objectives and make our users have a valuable experience?”

The amount of questions and decision involved in web projects is immense, as seen in the above infographic. Having an overall Digital Strategy to set out the guidelines within which these decisions are being made, is key.

10 things to remember before launching that great new site

Finally! You’re about to get there! Almost! Nearly! Just the last bits! But wait, did anyone think of…? This is a list of 10 things you shouldn’t forget about when launching a new site.

Finally! You’re about to get there! Almost! Nearly! Just the last bits! But wait, did anybody think of…? This is a list of 10 things you shouldn’t forget about when launching a new site. 

Meet the YubiKey

We are rolling out an extra layer of security across all our production servers in the form of YubiKeys. This blog post explains what they are, how they work and why we're doing this, as well as presenting a short video presentation.

Two-factor authentication has become something of an IT buzz-phrase in recent years.

How do I login to a YubiKey protected server?

This FAQ tells you how to use your YubiKey to access a server secured with this extra factor or authentication.

Assuming you have a YubiKey provided by Code Enigma and you have been informed your live infrastructure is protected by YubiKey authentication, this FAQ serves as a reminder for how to use that YubiKey to access your server.

My first year as a Sysadmin

This blog briefly describes my first year of being a system administrator; how I was trained, what I've learnt and what I'd like to learn in the next year to name a few topics.


Code Enigma offers WordPress tools

After many years honing our LAMP stack with Drupal, Code Enigma now offers the same stack and deployment tools optimised for WordPress.

For quite a few years now we've been offering professional hosting and tools for Drupal.

Contact us about WordPress hosting

Get in touch if you'd like to know more about our WordPress hosting products.

Because no one size fits all, either give us a ring or use the form at the bottom of every page to get in touch for a free proposal. We provide these services one of two ways, as management of servers you already own or as a full service hosting provider.

WordPress Services

The services supporting you as WordPress developers, what you can expect to be included.

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