Prevent ctools custom "content type" plugin's title from being overriden

When creating a ctools "content type" plugin, default behaviour of the settings edit form is to present users with an option to override the title. While this is handy most of the time, some use cases requires that you prevent that from happening.

While you might be tempted to start messing around the setting form itself in your edit callback, you can simply define this in your plugin definition, as follows (in Drupal 7):

What's the ideal process for my next digital project

The question on how we should tackle the creation of a new website doesn't have a single answer. There are too many conditions to take into account. Nevertheless, there is a general process we can suggest.

  Planning Project Fundamentals

Drupalcon Session: Looking for the value in Content Strategy

On Thursday 24th of September, our content strategist Koen Platteeuw shared his views on what value content strategy brings to web projects at Drupalcon Europe

Don't ask yourself: "Can I afford to include content strategy in my web project?" The real question is "Can I afford NOT to include content strategy in my web project?"

How do you process support tickets?

This FAQ explains the process the support and hosting team go through to assign and work your tickets.

As part of our commitment to our SLA and our ISO certification, Code Enigma operates a strict ticketing procedure. So we maintain transparency with you, our customers, that process is detailed here in this FAQ.

How and when should I report a security incident to Code Enigma?

FAQ regarding reporting security incidents to Code Enigma.

Code Enigma is ISO 27001 certified, a part of which involves us having a comprehensive incident management procedure. As a part of this, we encourage incident reports from anyone, be they customers, suppliers, staff or concerned members of the public.

Access denied

Custom 403 page

If you think you should be able to see the page please use our contact form to let us know. Otherwise, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?

Work for Code Enigma

A list of jobs currently available at Code Enigma

Junior web designer This is an exciting opportunity to join our expanding design team and learn the in-demand skills of screen design, interface design, and front-end development.

Code Enigma at DrupalCamp Spain

Code Enigma will send three members of staff to the annual DrupalCamp Spain. This year, the event is held in Jerez de la Frontera, in the south of Spain.

As in previous years, Code Enigma will be present at the annual DrupalCamp Spain. This year's event will be held in southern Spain, more precisely, in Jerez de la Frontera.

Creative tension

There's an inevitable tension between different roles involved in a project such as sales versus production. If you ignore it it can lead to communication breakdowns. If you embrace it it can improve the understanding and trust between you and your client.

When I started thinking about this blog I was torn between calling it ‘creative tension’ and ‘the fuzzy zone’, but a quick check of the urban dictionary tells me that fuzzy zone describes the phase in a relationship when you’re more than friends but not quite lovers; that’s way off the mark for t

Secure Drupal Hosting

This page explains Code Enigma's commitment to security and providing highly secure Drupal hosting.

Our security measures include:

Who drives Content Strategy?

After reading a blog post called "What Marketing Can Learn from IT About Content", Code Enigma's content strategist wants to add his 2 cents to the discussion on who drives content strategy.

A friend once told me that the problem with social & online media is that we read to respond rather than to understand or learn.

How do I use my YubiKey?

If you're here, it's because you received a YubiKey from Code Enigma and you want to know what to do. Read on...

Your YubiKey is your access to Code Enigma systems that are secured using a second physical factor of authentication.

Editorial Workflows: Who's responsible for my web content?

What’s the best editorial workflow for generating quality content for my site? We'll help you pick the right model that works for you, taking into account corporate culture, size of the organisation, available resources, internal politics, and so many other factors.

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re on the right track! It means you take content governance seriously as an integral part of your content strategy. But setting up a content management procedure that works for you, is not that obvious.

Drupal and PHP Traits - Developer love

As difficult as it is to find any OOP code in Drupal 7 contrib, it does exist in certain modules. See how to use PHP traits when the module's base classes are not entirely up to the task.

Admittedly, PHP Traits have been out there for a long time. You'll surely have heard about them, but chances that you've used them are not that high.


Knowing where you're headed and what road to take are key to successful web projects. At Code Enigma we have gathered valuable experience in the writing of project business plans, identifying site objectives, developing project content strategy, project scoping & requirements gathering. We share this knowledge with our clients through our project planning and consultancy services.

An effective web project is one that makes a significant contribution to meeting your business and communication objectives.

Git Hooks, Round 2: Post-checkout

How to use git hooks to have a different set of Drupal settings for each branch of your repository.

In my last blog entry about git hooks, I talked about the post-merge hook, as a way to automate certain tasks every time a "git pull" command is issued on the command line.