Fanatical Partnership

When Code Enigma signed up to be Rackspace partners, we meant it. We're not just their customer, they're our customer too!

Update: we no longer use Rackspace for private cloud services, although we still procure their public cloud services, and we are still their UK website development partner.

Cars and Football

Code Enigma worked alongside Haymarket Media's internal team to extend and update two of their best known titles: Four Four Two and Autocar.

Autocar is one of the UK's most long-established motoring magazines and its online version is one of Haymarket Media's Drupal sites.

Keeping the lights on

Breast Cancer Care is a charity wholly focused on supporting people living with breast cancer. A huge part of that support is providing information. That's why their website is so important to them.

And as their Drupal hosting and support providers, it falls to Code Enigma to ensure when someone comes to the Breast Cancer Care website looking for information and support, they get it.

Secure intranet hosting for research

The Francis Crick Institute needed a safe, secure and supported home for their intranet, a tool vital for helping them coordinate their life-saving medical research.

When you're coordinating complex and life-saving scientific research and pulling together a consortium of scientific institutions, a flexible means of efficiently connecting and sharing knowledge is vital.

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 4

Having gone through infrastructure, virtualisation and operating system, we arrive at the software layer. What choices have Code Enigma made, and why?

We've already explained we're closely tied to Linux for many reasons, and Debian specifically. But what do we put on top of that? For the purposes of this post, I'll focus on PHP hosting.

Drupal Views: Combined fields filter

How to use a views-provided filter to search content across multiple content types.

When building a Drupal site, it's very easy to be tempted to build the data model based on the features and options that one can get out of the box in other contributed modules (and I had my rant about it

The National STEM Centre

In December 2015, we launched the National STEM Centre website. This brings together a number of previous sites that provided services for teachers of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

We worked for nine months with the staff of the National Stem Centre at York University to create a new website that brings together several legacy sites and brands into a unified brand.

Busk in London

Busk in London is a site that promotes busking in the capital by profiling buskers, showing where the buskers perform, and highlighting busking events. is one of a number of sites we have built for the Greater London Authority. The purpose of the site is to encourage busking by providing information both about buskers and for the buskers themselves.

UCL adopts Drupal

University College London has commissioned Code Enigma to lead a mixed team of Code Enigma and UCL developers in building a new Drupal Content Management System. Ultimately this will power over 700 of the University's nearly 2,000 websites.

Code Enigma was commissioned in mid 2015 to plan the move from University College London's legacy content management system to Drupal. A number of systems were considered but Drupal won out because of its flexibility and accessibility.

How do I order another YubiKey?

FAQ on how to get another YubiKey from Code Enigma.

If you lose your YubiKey, or need to order an additional one for a colleague, raise a support ticket with us including the Code Enigma username of the person to receive the YubiKey and we will configure a new one and send it out.

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Overriding styles combo in CKEditor

CKEditor is a superb WYSIWYG text editor and when used together with the CKEditor module for Drupal it's a great solution for enabling editors to easily add HTML to content. A common issue site builders seems to have is changing the list of styles that are available in the Styles drop down combo. Here's the salient tip for getting it working!

CKEditor comes with a Styles drop down combo that enables editors to select some text and then decorate it by selecting from a list of available styles:

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 3

This blog post is about why Code Enigma uses Debian as our Linux distribution of choice.

We talked in previous posts about our infrastructure and our virtualisation. This time it's the turn of our operating system.

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 2

Second in a series of posts about the Code Enigma hosting stack, covering every aspect of how we operate, from networks and servers up to deployment and testing.

In my last post I wrote about the base of our hosting stack, our infrastructure providers over at Rackspace UK. Now it's time to move up a level and look at what we put on that infrastructure, starting with our

Breaking words

Migrating away from legacy content management systems can prove challenging, in this blog post we look at a technique for improving the friendliness of URLs!

I'm sure we're all aware that human-readable URL's are a good thing, not only for us but for search engines too. Take, for example, the following URL: /topsubjects/businessandintellectualproperty/businessandmanagementstudies/yourstudyprogram

Our hosting stack from the bottom up - Part 1

First in a series of posts about the Code Enigma hosting stack, covering every aspect of how we operate, from networks and servers up to deployment and testing.

Update: We're not in the business of pulling content, but this is an important update on our current private cloud supplier.