Drupal And Linux, A Deployment Script

Quick post today, no politics *whatsoever*. ;-) I just wrote another little batch script for deploying my Drupal sites from local to stage. Before I post the code, here's the workflow here in our office at CMS Professionals:

Duplicate Issues, Are They Really A Problem?

We often see people getting berrated for posting dupes, sometimes deservedly. Let me say from the get go that I do not, in any way, support the needless creation of noise in issue queues by people who are so lazy as to have made *NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER* to find a solution.

Rewriting URLs For SEO

How to avoid duplicate content by making sure that any requests to no sub domain get permanently redirected to the correct sub domain

Quick non-Drupal, but very useful, post here. There are lots of people talking about things like this on the 'net, but I've never found my specific requirements in one place. So here they are, in one place. I'm sure other UK web developers will need them!

Drupal Services And The Dreaded Clock

Quick post this evening, because I'm stopping for the day. Just a troubleshooting tip for web services. We use the excellent Drupal Services module quite a lot for integration work. Take a look, if you don't know it:

Missing Anonymous User

I've spent the last few days wrestling with an evil bug. I had a content type, called Card, which I could create fine when logged in as any authenticated user of any role. All cool. I should also be able to create this content as anonymous.

The Contrib Conundrum

Edit: Please read this blog post, but also please jump in on this thread - the idea is already proposed but needs community support:

Cleaning Up Node Edit Forms

Every time you build a new application in Drupal you *always* have to carefully govern the number of options available to normal site editors, or their heads will explode. (Literally. I've seen it.)

Drupal 6.x And Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

Tutorial on how to bring a Debian and Ubuntu server up to spec to run Drupal 6.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how to bring a stock CentOS 5 server up to spec to run Drupal 6. It seems only fair I do the same for Debian and Ubuntu, since it seems they too are not without their little issues when a stock install.

Sometimes The API Just Won't Do It

So I've been having lots of fun (read: horrible pain) this week thanks to some quirks of Drupal that only really present themselves when you are looping through, loading, saving and manipulating nodes quickly.

Drupal 6.x And CentOS 5.x

This is more a bookmark for my reference than anything, but if you have a stock CentOS 5.x installation (maybe from a VPS image or a clean install on a dedicated box) you're going to have issues with Drupal 6.x.

Framework, Product Or Both?

Ask any Scottish whisky maker, distilling is not an easy process. Only when the hot gases cool can you see the real results of your labours.

This Author Sees A Long Drupal Slope

Anyone who follows the community will know much is made of a developer/designer divide. To be honest, I still don't quite get why this is. I don't personally feel it.

I'm prompted to write a post that is a bit less technical and more of a muse on the state of the Drupal project.

Restoring The MySQL Root User

Very quick post today. I rather foolishly didn't look at a back-up of a MySQL database someone sent to me this morning. I didn't realise it contained a copy of *their* mysql table. So when I restored it, all my user data got replaced with their user data. Frack.

AHAH, Node Forms And Select Lists

There are a number of decent resources helping you to make your first steps in to AHAH with Drupal 6.x. I won't try and create another start-to-finish tutorial.

Very Slick Site Maps

Short one today. This collection of links caused a mini stir in the #drupaluk IRC channel yesterday (thanks to longwave). Nothing dazzling, just a nice and easy approach to a really pretty site map for your Drupal website.