What is continuous integration?

What is continuous integration? It's magic!

Continuous integration is actually, technically, the process of making many code merges a day in a busy development team to avoid car-crash scenarios at the end of cycles of work.

Why can't I update my Drupal database from the Drupal interface?

Why can't I update my Drupal database from the Drupal interface?

Because we block any scripts in Drupal that could potentially be exploited. We strongly advise you use the command line tool, Drush, to run database updates instead. Having logged in to a terminal, run commands similar to this:

Why can't I upload files directly into my website?

This FAQ provides our reasons for not allowing FTP access to servers/websites.

Because our servers are set up for security first. You have "sudo" privileges, so you can pretty much do anything you like from a terminal session, but we prefer to keep the web server's folders locked down so only the web server can directly manipulate their contents.

How do I set my password?

A brief guide to set your Code Enigma password.

When your Code Enigma account is created it has a random secret password assigned to it. You may set this password to a value of your choosing by visiting this page and following the instructions:

How do I access my server(s) from a Mac OSX/Linux PC?

How do I access my server(s) from a Mac OSX/Linux PC?

Code Enigma will provide you with a username for your Code Enigma account. We will also provide you with the full hostname of your account, for example

How do I order a Code Enigma (LDAP) account?

When you sign up for Drupal Support or buy a managed server from us, you will need a Code Enigma account. This FAQ explains how you go about ordering such an account.

When you get started, we will guide you through creating the initial account(s), but for reference, before you contact us about future accounts you should follow these steps:

How do I create an SSH public key for a Windows PC?

How do I create an SSH public key for a Windows PC?

There are three main ways to generate a public key in Windows. We've tried them all with Windows 7, but given the PuTTY tools are most popular, they are documented first.

Migrating data from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

Massaging Drupal 6 data into Drupal 7

One of our clients is redeveloping the front-end of their site and wanted to take the opportunity to upgrade from Drupal 6 in the process.

Building A Fast VM

See Greg's talk on building a fast, Drupal-optimised virtual machine for yourself

I didn't actually blog this at the time, but now the video is finally online, here's my talk from DrupalCamp London earlier this year on configuring a VM, quickly and easily, to get great performance on a low budget for your Drupal website:

The Entity Reference Autocomplete module

Learn how I built this helpful tool for developers to easily reference entities in forms and how you can install and use it.

With the inclusion of entities in core, the way developers approach development in Drupal has dramatically changed in the last few years. Not too long ago nodes were the core of pretty much every aspect of a Drupal project.

Drupal Distributions - Getting Going Faster

Highlights from the DrupalCamp Paris talk by Simon Georges on Drupal distributions, their creation, usage and advantages

I've already blogged about the document management talk I attended and promised more.

Document Management in Drupal

Quick write-up of an interesting talk on managing documents with Drupal, from DrupalCamp Paris 2013

This weekend I'm hanging around at DrupalCamp Paris in the Microsoft campus, in the west of Paris on the banks of the Seine.

Whatever Happened To Design And Build?

Greg Harvey muses on his shift in perspective as a web developer over the last decade

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first started developing websites full time as a career, for an advertising agency in London at the start of the ‘noughties’, it was all about getting a design, chopping it up into pages, coding them up, FTPing them somewhere and walking

Connecting your Drupal site to a Microsoft Active Directory server

Mark Davies explains how to configure Microsoft Active Directory and Drupal's LDAP module for Enterprise integration with Drupal

Drupal has become a hugely popular framework for building big websites and is becoming more and more widely used in government and public sector.  The likelihood of these organisations wanting to offer SSO to their users is pretty big also.

Is your designer really web ready?

For some bizarre reason, while most design specialisms are respected, everyone thinks they can be a web designer. This makes it difficult for clients to sort the wheat from the chaff. Greg Harvey explains...

When I studied as an architect our tutors were clear. Architecture is a creative profession, but you’re not all going to be Zaha Hadid.

A Great Case For Drupal

Our case study for the highly successful Le Figaro Bourse project is now live on

We're very proud to publicise our involvement in the Le Figaro Bourse project, undertaken in Drupal for Société du Figaro, the major French newspaper group.

Code Enigma Rebrands Support And Hosting

Freshbridge is being put to bed as Code Enigma's support and hosting products are brought back under the Code Enigma name

When we first came up with the idea of using the Freshbridge name for our hosting arm, we had some good reasons. We wanted to distance support and hosting from Code Enigma a little, create clear separation between a development shop and the support services. It felt like a natural break.

Code Enigma And #AberdeenCloud Join Forces

Full Drupal PaaS offering plus meaningful application support is finally available to everyone

UPDATE: This is an old blog, we are no longer #AberdeenCloud partners, though we will partner with 3rd party platform providers in order to provide more robust backup and security.