Why we made the deliberate choice to be a fully remote company.


At Code Enigma, we are a purely remote company. Our team is all over the UK and Europe. It means we have no commute, we can work from anywhere with an internet connection, we can work in our pyjamas if we choose, and our work-life-balance means we can spend time with the important ones, but that’s not why we do it.

Remote working allows us to be exceptionally responsive, being across multiple time zones. Our communication is second to none because it is deliberate, and considered. Everyone is accountable, trusted and productive.

Woman busily working on a typewriter whilst sat in an armchair. The 5 coke bottles around her imply she's been working for some time. She's a Harvard alumni according to the flag behind her.

A recent global Drupal Business Survey highlighted the very real issue agencies are having in securing the best talent. In fact, it’s not even specifically a Drupal thing; many are struggling with a shortage of developers whilst the demand for digital continues to soar.

We don’t have this problem. We hire outstanding talent with fewer geographical constraints, and these people fit into our quirky family because we have the luxury of finding the best matches to who we are.

For all these reasons, our clients benefit. 

We'd welcome the chance to talk to you about how to make your company more remote-based.

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