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The Entity Reference Autocomplete module

Thu, 27/06/2013 - 08:19 -- salva

With the inclusion of entities in core, the way developers approach development in Drupal has dramatically changed in the last few years. Not too long ago nodes were the core of pretty much every aspect of a Drupal project. Nowadays it's not too difficult to find projects in which entities are the backbone of the project. Developers used to have to hack, or at the very least, write the core behaviour of a site by using mechanisms supposed to be there just for additional functionality. Now, they can dictate how the system should behave.

Connecting your Drupal site to a Microsoft Active Directory server

Wed, 12/06/2013 - 08:51 -- markd

Drupal has become a hugely popular framework for building big websites and is becoming more and more widely used in government and public sector.  The likelihood of these organisations wanting to offer SSO to their users is pretty big also.

The Drupal Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or “LDAP” module allows, for organisations that hold their user data in an Active Directory installation, their users to login to the Drupal site using those credentials.

Drupal community, marks for effort...

A couple of months ago, after a particularly furious week of trying to contribute something useful to Drupal core, I woke up one morning to a see a lot of activity on my twitter account (Pretty much unheard of for me).  I had received this tweet from webchick (Angie Byron).

@alasdaircf Hey, thanks for all the CMI conversion patches! Keep 'em comin'! :D 

An Introduction to Test Driven Development

Fri, 15/03/2013 - 09:37 -- chris

Test Driven Development has certainly stood the test of time, the process has been around for decades with NASA's Project Mercury perhaps being the earliest recorded use of TDD/test first techniques in software development. In more recent history we've seen it emerging prominently up and out of the eXtreme Programming movement of the late 90's, championed by Kent Beck and others.


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